I Just Can’t Win Part 3

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So I go downstairs to look for costumes for the show I will be designing. Oh, and did I mention that if they refused to allow me to continue designing after a presentation that they would cut me off? I was flustered and frustrated by the awfulness. Anyway, I went downstairs and we went to grab a couple of things, all of which seemed to be good.

I go upstairs and then go to meet M-Prof to find that he wasn’t there at first. I talked to another faculty member while I waited and in a couple of minutes saw M-Prof. I went in and we talked rather quickly about what he wanted from me and what I needed to do to get my budget bumped up from its lower amount. I promised him that I would get the budget to him that night. M-Prof also brought me down to the ground and we talked about how I needed to tell my director that there needed to be boundaries in what we could and could not buy. I went to talk to M-Prof really quickly and she and I came to an understanding and she said that “I don’t want you to be set in between M-Prof and myself” which I am so grateful for. She also said “If you ever feel that way, let me know.”

To me, someone telling me that they can see how I could be caught in the middle makes me feel better.

Any way, that night I was trying to get final decisions made and after a lot of struggle with the director, I found out that it was harder to get the budget to him in a normal fashion. I finished the budget and was able to give M-Prof the budget before midnight…barely.

Who knew what Wednesday would bring?

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