I Just Can’t Win Part 2

If you would like to read part 1, click here!

So, about those papers…

I had three papers to write:

1. A final that consisted of four questions with short answers and one paragraph.

2. A five page paper that consisted of writing about my experience as an assistant costume designer.

3. A one page paper that consisted of interlocking four other cultures with the United States and our culture here.

You would think I could write them all easily. Nope. #1 and #3 were the easier ones. This is Monday night and I hadn’t completed one. #2 was just so hard to write without writing about all the stress and confusion and the break down that I had going through all of that in the process of opening the show. I never actually wrote about that time in my life, it was about two months ago, it was a rough time for me to process.

I had a lot of struggle with paper #2 but I got through it with being as clinical about it as possible and making sure that I made comments about my mistakes, I made plenty and I own up to them all in the paper I wrote…maybe one day I might share that paper.

I wrote that paper for, at least, 5-6 hours, it was a rough couple of hours. Tuesday at 12 in the morning, I finished the paper and had no more energy to write that paper. I decided to start the other papers Tuesday later and when I woke up around 9:30. I technically probably started around 10. I finished my final paper around 11:30? I had class at 12:30. I finished my second paper around 12:00. I left my room and scurried over to my class, which thankfully is close by. I shouldn’t have waited so long to do these papers, my fault…

I go to class and all that and my professor and I are meeting later in the day. I go to my 2:00 class to find out that there is no need to turn in our paper since they are making it due on the day of the final…at least I don’t have to worry about it.

Anyway, I go to meet with my professor and guess what happens? She comes in and we greet each other, she tells me “By the way M-Prof wants to see you, he says it is something about the budget.”

CRAP! (cue frightening music)

See you tomorrow!

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