5 Facts About Me #1

So I figured I would do a segment every month where you get to find out more about me and what I am like as a person. I won’t sugar coat some of these facts about me as you will see below. This segment will be out every 25th. Hope to see you!

1. I love mermaids.

2. I can’t stand it when kids who are not in high school have a phone. I do not see the purpose of an eleven year old with a cell phone.

3. I love to wear makeup because I feel beautiful, not for some boy or just to get compliments but it really does empower me.

4. I am co-owner and co-founder of a venture with my sister. The Crafty Lot on Etsy.

5. I love it when people compliment me, especially when they refer to me as a mermaid.

What do you think?

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