Tap, Tap

Okay, so a random snippet for you all today!

Today I was sitting in my building’s lobby when my advisor/professor/guide through my designing comes behind me (while I am sitting) and taps as he passes by. At the time I was typing an email to him on my iphone/ipod and I tell him that he just kind of laughs and tells me he won’t get back to it until later.

For some odd reason it is just weird because I didn’t think we were on that level but apparently we are. I know, this is thinking too much into this but it is odd. I don’t have a perfect relationship with any of my professors by any means but M-Prof is just a very genuine and nice person the more I get to know him.

Now, you might be thinking that someone tapping you on the shoulder is not a huge deal but physical contact (hugging, hand holding, nudge, etc.) is not a concept I am used to and I over-analyze it all because I don’t know how to take physical contact. I was never a child who was hugged a lot unless I initiated and so this is just new territory since I don’t initiate it.

What do you think?

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