Kindness Unknown

So if you have read some of my other posts about the conflict between my professors, then you know what has been going on slightly. I have been so stressed out and after the show I was worried that this stress would stay with me…it hasn’t. A new stress of my show has gotten me on edge almost every night because I am afraid of failing.

However, Professor M has been so sweet and kind to me because for asst. designing on his show, he gave me a gift that related to the show and an inside joke of sorts. I wasn’t expecting it, in fact, I was jealous because when I saw the gift I had wondered who had given it to him and why I wasn’t able, yet, to come up with a gift.

This professor also helped me have the strength and courage to speak in front of faculty in the department for the show I am designing. My professor hasn’t been there for two weeks and wished me luck. My professor will never know how much it means to me to have his support and I feel as though we are definitely more at ease around each other. At first, I was never comfortable being around him and I never knew why but as I have gotten to know him I look forward to seeing him because he is just a good soul. I think that it is so hard to find professors nowadays that you can talk to and speak to as a colleague, not just an advisor or professor.

So, to professor M, thank you for being one of the greatest professors and people I will ever meet.

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