Conflicting Forces

I have been having a lot of conflicting thoughts when it comes to my professors who are not on the same page. Just now I read an email from one of my professor’s about how the other is not my supervisor, they are. I understand completely and I actually don’t understand why the other professor is asking me things that normally wouldn’t happen.

Unfortunately I put myself in an awkward position because I told the one professor who is asking not-normal-procedure things that I would show the budget and I am actually not supposed to do that.

I will just need to be honest but that might just put me in a sour position with one professor. I just don’t know what to do with everything that has been going on.

So much drama has been happening because of the two conflicting forces in my life and it is just spiraling out of control. I need to take a step back and if that means not being around them then so be it because I can’t keep having their voices in my head and seeing them constantly. The thought of hearing them and then thinking about what they say is just haunting me.

Yes, I have cried because it has gotten to the point where I cannot mentally take so much conflict amongst them.

Also, I apologize for being sparse! On a good note, my show opened and it looks amazing! I am proud of what I was able to do and accomplish, even though it was stressful!

What do you think?

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