I See the Beauty

Recently I was in my Liberal Studies class and my professor was talking about one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking kind of story. This story is actually true because it involves the Taj Mahal. Now, if you are well-versed in this story and I am make a detail out wrong, you are welcome to correct, but this is what I learned:

The ruler at the time created a memorial of sorts for his beloved. The Taj Mahal was created as a crypt of sorts to hold her remains and for him a Black version of the Taj Mahal. There have been myths about such a structure but what it really was is the reflection across the river. A video on the history channel shows that the Black version of the Taj Mahal was really the reflection of his beloved’s memorial structure. Here is a video of footage that I watched in my class:

For me, I think that this is one of the most sad and romantic things that a person can do for a loved one. An artistic way of being with someone that you love and yet no physical structure represents that but a reflection of such a beautiful place. I don’t really know why this has had such an impact on me but it makes me realize that in this day and age we may see what is in front of us but don’t see what is really there and almost in plain sight.

What do you think?

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