What Does it Really Mean?

Before I start this, please do not hesitate to comment down below. I also want to thank all my Fleeters for follows and support!!

So I recently got an email from a professor and they told me that our meeting time would be moved. You may be thinking i am just a little too observant, but I over-analyze EVERYTHING. Now, if you overheard something that you probably weren’t supposed to hear, wouldn’t you be suspicious? You may be wondering what it is but I will just leave it at integrity.

My professor saw me, I didn’t think anything of it since I don’t tell every living soul what I hear, and I suppose that set off warning bells. The email I received told me that we would be moving the meeting time, as stated earlier. I don’t know if it is because of the fact that I heard something I probably was never meant to hear or that they really just don’t want me to have to wait on them. The past meetings we have been delayed due to their prior meeting.

So, is this just a courtesy or an action to keep me from hearing things? I am leaning toward curtesy but I don’t really know with this professor.

I ask because it seems that a measurement or two that I have done is not correct and this is the second incident so I don’t know if my professor really has no faith in me. I can’t seem to read what they are thinking and I wonder if I am just a failure in their eyes…

Feeling: depressed

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