Snippets of Thoughts

So if you saw yesterday’s post, this is why I think the way that I think….

I was always the girl left out.

I was the girl who never got a chance because I wasn’t pretty enough.

I have never had friends who knew more about me than anyone else.

I won’t open myself up and tell everyone that I had a dark period of my life and it is resurfacing.

I have been told I am part of a clique.

I have over-thought everything I have said in life.

I don’t consider myself a good person.

I think that I am awful for avoiding people.

I think that it is odd that I am still unable to feel loved when so many people have been in my life.

I am finding it hard to have something that brings me happiness.

I am in a depressing hole that keeps dragging me under.

What do you think?

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