I Mentally Cannot…But I Must.

So for those of you who have been following me since the beginning, you know a couple posts in that there was a Tipping Point post. I really hadn’t meant to expose such a vulgar side and I am not as bitter as I was before but I am still haunted by it. My professor and I have gotten back on good terms and all seems to be well. However, there is a show that needs to be deposited to another place and my professor asked me to assist them. I mentally had a flashback to that time and it made my mind go back into a dark corner. I can hardly comprehend in words the raw emotion from that day.

I can, however, say that tomorrow I am going because I literally just texted my professor when they texted me just now on where to pick me up so we could meet up.

Is this too soon? Maybe.

I know that I was initially going to write about how I avoided saying anything and I did. I didn’t mention it at all and apparently I had said yes, which, I kind of did when she first mentioned it.

I cannot avoid this forever.

Sin of the Day: Not one that would fit into any of the seven…

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