Think Before You Speak

Often when emotions run high and we are so blinded by that emotion, we forget that the result of our words and actions can create a rift between friends and strangers. I learned today to keep in mind who would be caught up in the fire if I asked a question that seems relatively harmless. The item that I heard made me feel less than I was and had me thinking that the person who said such a thing like, I didn’t know how to do my job was a disheartening. I take my job seriously and for someone to say I don’t know how to do it when I know I can, it hurts.

I know that asking if the person said such a thing to a cast member would make things awkward since I will be working with everyone. I just have to know that thinking about what you ask before you do it is probably the best thing you can do without offending people and breaking friendships.

In other news, the play that I will be designing is the most difficult for me to handle and this is my first one! There are many emotions that are running through me…

Sorry this post is relatively cryptic!

Sin of the Day: little bit of wrath

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