Fire Alarms, Explosions and Rain, Oh My! (Plus Song Obsession)

I moved into campus and I fell asleep around 2AM. I woke up to a fire alarm!! I have experienced this fire alarm before and, I think, last year they made the man who speaks the directions you should take to be inside the rooms. I noticed it was 10:45 AM and I called my brother immediately, he told me he was heading down too (we live in the same building). We end up staying out there for a whole hour, about forty-five minutes in the move-in staff told us that the police detained the strange object and have it in a box and that the box would implode the object. Not reassuring at all!

I left with my brother to eat lunch because, no doubt, they would make us all wait still. Not to mention the overflow of people from the two nearby dorms. When we were heading back we were both soaked! Yikes!

Sin of the Day: wrath

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