Samples #1

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here, and I wanted to start this new segment for when I get samples. Now, I know that I haven’t been posting but that is because makeup has not been my main concern this past summer since I started my internship. I also have been sticking with a good skin care regimen for myself. I promise to post when I can, like now.

Recently, I got a sample from Sephora. It is the Sephora Collection Instant Moisturizer. The consistency is smooth and thicker than most moisturizers I have found. I love that it blends into the skin really well. The moisturizer is white but doesn’t lighten the skin tone at all.

The feel of it is more apparent but it becomes less so when the day goes on. I haven’t noticed any oiliness.

The reason why I tried this sample was that my forehead and cheeks had dry patches and it was getting really bad because my skin was constantly peeling in those areas. Once I put the moisturizer on, I immediately noticed a difference. The sample itself had three uses or more, I used it for my neck as well, and spreads.

The cost of this moisturizer? $12.00-20.00 depending on what size. Here is the link where you can get all the specs:

What do you think?

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