Tipping Point Part 2

Once that was over and done with, we were all leaving and when we were all outside M & M asked who I was riding with and I was starting my sentence when my professor at the end of the stairs said, “Oh, she probably wants to ride with you.” in the rudest and most unprofessional way I have ever heard someone talk to me.

I also think that when she had blown up at everyone that it was unprofessional as well because it was in front of a co-workers mother who had decided to volunteer her time to help us.

In the car I was trying to hold in tears and it just didn’t happen. I was crying and it was just rude of her to say such things and I try to let it brush off but I can’t.

I can’t speak for M & M but I can speak for myself that I have the hardest time making friends. If I can make friends with someone or even more, I will tend to spend more time with them. I also think that my professor thought that we were such a “clique” because we had come in every morning and night for about a week or so. I can’t drive and my friend’s car was down. So, yeah, we could have been seen as one but…

I have never been rude to anyone and I feel as if I have gotten along with everyone. I just don’t understand why my professor thinks that it is so important that we all stay together all day every day, it drives me nuts!!! I don’t need to eat with everyone every day to feel like a united front.

Not to mention that I have not gone out with them ALL the time, there were multiple times I stayed back to save money and eat my own food or in general not go together. I have eaten by myself multiple times, I just don’t get it.

Sin of the Day: Wrath

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