Tipping Point Part 1

This is going to be a long one.

So, this just happened yesterday and I am feeling that I didn’t deserve what I did. I actually think that my professor has gone way out of line with her comments towards me yesterday.

This all started yesterday when we were all figuring out what to eat for lunch and she wanted us to eat together but the plan was so that two of us would come back and clean more things at the costume shop while the rest of us took the other items to the university. The place that everyone had decided on made me excited but at this time, I can’t afford a lot of things. So, I whispered to my friend to see if I could go with her and my other friend, the two who I am closest with. I guess we will call them M & M.

When one of them said that I was going with them to a more affordable restaurant, said restaurant hadn’t been named, my professor said no. I was surprised because if anything, they could drop me off at the university. Her reasoning was that I knew the place better and where everything went. Actually, I don’t know where everything goes and she puts too much pressure on me to be the best. I am doing my best and I won’t be perfect.

When one of the M & M’s said that they were going somewhere else, my professor got angry. She said something along the lines of, “I am so tired of this clique, you and M & M always go out without saying anything to the rest of us.” At this point it was me and M & M by the cutting table. “The three of you!” she had said with emphasis like I had done something wrong.

“I am so sick of the three of you going out and not telling anyone where you are going.”

First off, we have never said to anyone blatantly, “Oh, we are not letting you come with us.” In fact, there have actually been a couple of times where out co-workers have come with us.

But once my professor had said all of that, two of our co-workers also joined in and were telling us that we are not telling them where we are going all the time. I am not going into personal details because those belong to M & M.

To be continued…

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