First One In and Last One to Leave

My internship has been going pretty great so far. I can’t believe I am already two weeks in, crazy! I think that I have been able to do more than I did last year. Having done the internship last year, it was great but this year I have actually gotten to sew and I am also assistant designing! I know I am saying that over and over but it is truly exciting.

Anyway, I think that my body has been so stressed because I didn’t wake up until 3:30…in the afternoon. I haven’t don’t that since my sophomore year in high school! I think that going in about 1-2 hours before everyone else gets to work is a little extreme but it really helps get the day going for me. I also think that I am able to get myself going in a steady pace during the day.

The internship has been good and I apologize for being spaced out. However, I have been doing well and I am planning on posting images of the work I have been doing to this blog so you can follow me along this summer.

Sin of the Day: pride, sloth

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