Seriously?! I am Harsh…

Now that I have cooled off a little I know that I had heightened emotions and although I am not regretting those thoughts I also do love my dad even though I get crazy and annoyed with his antics. I just hope that all goes well and my family can be worry free. I am just so tired and I hope that I don’t end up blowing up on my dad about something like doing emails when there are bigger issues but his world is not what I revolve around and I want him to know that but I know I will be told I am just not being grateful for everything he does for me and that is not it at all. I just want to be seen as an individual and not a lifeline to do more work. I hope that this helps you understand more of me as I am just a human who is not yet ready to touch the shore.

Sin of the Day: Wrath (that I am a lifeline) and Envy (that I am not seen as a person)

What do you think?

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