I am about to rant and if you are not one to read rants, I apologize and you may leave and come back for another post. Can I tell you how annoying it is to be treated like a secretary to a parent?! I am so sick of being the gopher who has to do everything for my dad when it comes to all of his business work! I did not sign up to be his secretary. It is not just me though, it is my sister and brother too, and I am so tired of it!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do not mind helping him out with learning how to use the internet and all of that but when it is looking at the email at the same time I am I wonder why he is making me do it when he can so easily push the keys and search for the stuff. Yes, there are times when he is busy and I get it, but when he is just browsing through google or youtube I wonder why he is doing so to me!

I just get annoyed that he makes me seem like the fact that he gave birth to me that I have to do every single thing that he says without question and I have to do it right because, can I tell you, when I make one small mistake it is like the end of the world?! He blames me and then makes a big deal that I am incompetent when a couple of minutes ago he was praising me. I just don’t understand…

I am not saying that I don’t appreciate everything he has done for me but sometimes I feel as though all I am is his secretary where his stuff comes first because it is all about MONEY MONEY MONEY. I get that money is important to survive but it is not everything in life. I know that I am young and I may change my mind in the future but I don’t want to be surrounded by that kind of mentality all the time. I am just exhausted by his nagging at me to do all of his work when he will sit with me and look at the same thing. Not to mention that he makes it seem like it is my job to check his email periodically for him, like a secretary.

That is all for now, I am just tired and I need to go to bed…

I apologize for this sounding rude or crass but it is how I feel and I think it is legitimate. Not to mention that I promised to be honest and here it is, in the raw.

Sin of the Day: Wrath

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