What Happens When You Feel Like Things Are Dying Down?

So if you have been following me then you know that I am going to be assistant designing three shows this year. I have been really excited and I am actually wondering how much of my thinking I am doing a good job is true? Yes, I hear about all the good things that apparently the faculty have said but now that I am getting a silent thread I am always wondering if I am really doing a good job, is this really going to work out?

If you know the five love languages then that is good. Yes, this does relate. I took the quiz and I found out that my love language is words of affirmation. There are five love languages and for me words of affirmation is dominate. I think that words of affirmation are just what I go by to know that people are not mad at me or dislike me. It is hard for me to comprehend a sense of friendship or love because I don’t think I know what that is myself.

Anyway, not to get too off topic, I am feeling like things are silent and that makes the doubt I my head come about and makes me think that I am not doing a good enough job.

Sin of the Day: Sloth

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