Working for No Pay

Yesterday, I was set with a predicament and that happened to be working over the summer at my university and answer phones, give tours, handle social media, etc. I would get a good amount of time a week and that seemed pretty great, however, I wouldn’t be as happy over the summer. My internship (second year) will be amazing and I get to work with some of the people from my university.

I don’t get paid for the internship and you might be thinking, “do what will get you money!” What a lot of you may not know is that in theatre you have to start a lot of times without getting paid or very little. I am dedicating my time this summer to do my internship with no pay but I get to assistant design on two of the productions!

I know that money is important but I also think that doing what you love and are majoring in to get the experience is more important. I also have a way of transportation to and fro the internship location where as the university is out of the way for anyone I know. What are your thoughts?

Sin of the Day: Lust (but I am glad I am lusting for what I think is best for me)

What do you think?

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