Study Abroad?

Recently I have been thinking about studying abroad and I was planning on going out to study abroad in England during my spring break but it cost over $2000. I chose to go to a theatre conference instead. I think I made the right choice because I enjoyed the company I was with and the places I got to see. I would love to travel around the world though and see how theatre works elsewhere. Recently one of my teacher forwarded an email to me about students in the arts winning scholarships to study abroad at places like Scandinavia and that is absolutely exciting!

I hope that they have fun because some of them are going for an entire year! I am thinking about studying somewhere for theatre on the production side but I don’t know where I would go at the moment and I am still in the early stages of my theatre career.

I just think that I am going to focus on the upcoming year as good things seem to be coming my way and I am pushing forward for what I want. However, I do have a question for you lovelies: if you were to go study abroad anywhere, where would it be? I would love to hear about it šŸ™‚

Sin of the day: Lust and Envy (both are not in a negative way)

3 thoughts on “Study Abroad?

  1. That’s a tough question, I’m trying to perfect my Spanish so maybe Spain, or Chile. If it weren’t for learning Spanish I’d probably say Japan, or South Korea. Nice post!


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