Be Positive

I believe that this semester has truly tested my ability to time manage, or has taught me to remember my priorities. What I am about to type to you lovelies is my last few weeks of the semester and where I have gotten and what you can also achieve if you never stop.

A few weeks ago the undergraduate chair sent out an email for scholarship applications and I sent mine in about a week before it was due. I know that it is silly to think that I wouldn’t get it but you never know. I sent my application in hoping for the scholarship once more and trying to make sure that I didn’t break down into a blubbering mess if I didn’t. The scholarship dinner was absolutely lovely and the company I was with had me laughing and smiling, forgetting about my worries. The chair of the theatre department names the recipients and my name is called and it was absolutely wonderful! My friend told me to keep breathing but it was kind of hard when you think about it when everyone is looking at you and clapping. Two of my other peers received the scholarship and one of my friends who has been studying at my school abroad from England got a special scholarship of the same amount I did and I am hoping he can stay.

The following day after the scholarship I had my portfolio to present and I was freaking out still when my professors were trying to keep me calm. Not that I was on the ground in a fetal position but that I was visibly distraught. When I presented I could see my hands shaking badly and I continued but used the word “like” too many times!

Aside from that I finished my portfolio as did everyone else and then the faculty deliberated about the three students (including myself) if they were going to allow us to do what we had showed our portfolio for. My professor who is designing next semester and whom I have grown a mutual relationship with is going to have me as an assistant and I could not be more happy and proud of where I have gotten from this whole past semester!

Also, I will be doing summer theatre for the second year in a row and I am excited!

I feel as though I am swimming in clear water because I have received some clarity in my own talent, I guess you could say, and it makes me feel like I am going somewhere.

Sin of the day: pride (in a good way)

I apologize if this was too long for you, I do not mean to drag you down, I just want you to know that there is always a way to get somewhere. I believe in all you sea creatures!

What do you think?

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