Beautiful Creatures

Well, I woke up feeling better that I had given a bit of myself to this ocean of a blog and I am glad I have created this blog, truly. So, today, I went to go see Beautiful Creatures in a movie theatre and it made me think that love is an absolutely interesting concept because there were so many points that were brought to light that makes a human being “bad”. I remember a part of the movie where it talks about how humans decide who to believe and who to shun from this world by taking their beliefs and passing them on to others to conform them against another group who had done no “wrong” per se but are seen as wrong.

I think that no matter what age you are or even if you dislike young adult movies that you should see this one. Not only does it talk about beliefs and morals but it teaches people to loosen up a little and take a risk once in awhile. I got all of that from Beautiful Creatures that although this is a movie of love, it is also about finding out who you are and defying odds that would normally tear you down and make you choose a “safe” choice.

Slow down and take a moment to think about what you have been so afraid or nervous to express and do so, even slightly. For example, if you compare the high school me and the college me, I am more open with the way that I express myself and I am relatively at ease with friends. I have a barrier of school and personal life that I have not yet broken but I want to know the feeling of having a best friend that I will feel a great pain by losing them. I know that it might sound weird but friends have come and gone in my life because I have a sense of such a protective wall that I cannot feel a loss like that in my personal life.

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