Shopping Monologue: After Christmas

Hello Shopahaulics, Tiffany here, and I had a lot of fun shopping through all the deals yesterday! Let’s get into it! The places that I went to were Target, Kirklands, A.C. Moore, Big Lots, JCPenney, CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart.

First stop, Target, and it was rather hectic near the lights since lights are the most popular to be bought. My parents were more into getting the lights, I just really love the jelly clings that you can put all over the house. Afterwards, we went to Kirklands because a new one opened up close to where I live and it is always a joy to be  there. I didn’t buy anything but I plan on going back to get something nice probably. A.C. Moore was rather simple because there were no window clings but they had these amazing recyclable  large bags that you can use for a group of presents for $1.20 and a pair of two recyclable bags for $0.80.

Big Lots was the point I was losing a bit of steam but I pushed forward and got the cutest little solar power rooster that moves its head left and right! So cute!

After that, there was a small break and I took a power nap and woke back up and we all went to JCPenney to find some goodies. I bought a large tote bag and wallet that matched for my sister.

CVS and Walgreens made me a little upset because of how much of different prices there are. There was a Rimmel foundation that I told my mom to get because she was running low and at CVS it turned out to be $2.50 while at Walgreens it was on sale for $1.29! How crazy is that?! So, we are returning the CVS one.

Finally, Walmart was extremely empty at the Christmas section as in people, the things that they had on sale were okay. So, guess what? We left with nothing. A bit of a shocker since normally there is something.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this monologue! A few more days until you can get the full experience of this blog as it has changed in post content and I am a bit more in depth :]

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