Shopping Monologue: FREE JCP and an AWESOME Hello Kitty Palette

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here, and this palette was in the clearance section, waiting for me at Sephora! Today I went with my mother and we ventured into JCP. I looked around JCP just for fun and all of the clothing I had picked did not fit me. However, the mass of bras that I took with me to the dressing rooms (mass meaning about eight or nine), I got three of them. I bought a neon bandeau, pink/purple tiger print on white bandeau, and a pink/blue bra. I love all three and got them for free! I had coupons so I got them for free!

The last thing my mom and I looked at was Sephora. I recently have gotten addicted to Sephora because there is a clearance section. Today I found the palette that you see above and it looks amazing! I will let you know now that the skin color and dark plum brown look matte and the pink seems to be a matte but could be another finish. The green is shimmery and possibly has glitter as well. The blush is beautiful with houndstooth and the darker pink is glittery.

I am hoping that this palette goes well!

See you next time!

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