Shopping Monologue: Props K-Mart

Hello Shopahaulics, Tiffany here, and can I tell you that K-Mart is literally non-existent where I am nowadays? I went to one that was about thirty minutes away from my house because my sister wanted to get boots! For Asians it is hard because our calves are generally on the larger side and boots are hard to find!

There were a lot of shoes that were BOGO and it was awesome, but all the shoes I wanted were just a little too much. I love high heels, don’t get me wrong, but the ones I were looking at had horrible bottoms so they kept making me slip. My sister got some awesome boots and my mom also got some nice shoes. I left with nothing.

Next, we went to TJ Maxx…that was a fail, we found nothing. Finally, we went to Best Buy and I am really tempted to get a hello kitty blue tooth keyboard. I am also thinking of getting the Nikon Coolpix L610 which has a really awesome deal for $149.99 that is ending today…so I am on the end of thinking about getting it.

Hopefully you guys are finding everything you need/want for the holiday season!

What do you think?

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