Classy French Maid

No offense to those of you who like to wear the sexier costumes, I personally do not. So, I know that the French Maid has become a very sexy kind of costume. I have found a few choices to make it a little more classy and it will keep you a little warmer. I will say now that since there are a more pieces to this costume that you might need to spend a little more.


I have options that are at a good length that you can wear out at night if it is cold. Both have belts so you can just remove them.

Mesh Panel Tank Dress w/ Belt from Forever XXI, $27.80. For me, this is a cute dress that you can use because it has a different look with the sheer element.

Scuba Skater Dress w/ belt, from Forever XXI, 19.80

Adult White Marabou Petticoat from Party City, $8.00 and plus size for $10.00. Petticoats add a little oomph that you can use for dresses you find flat.

For the stockings and apron, please know that it is easy to just take white fabric and make your own apron. Stockings are not too hard if you have your own pair but if you don’t go anywhere and get some because stockings come in handy!


For makeup, I don’t want to force any ideas on you. So, I suggest going ahead and picking if you want to do a bold look or a more subtle one. For bold, I suggest a bold lip with intense lashes and for subtle I suggest a nude lip with a light brown smokey eye.


Curly is so cute! I think that if you have curly hair it would look really cute with the outfit.

What do you think?

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