I would suggest for your base colors to find any gray or silver that is pigmented enough. I don’t have any personally or have seen amazing quality from affordable products at the moment so I will let you choose which ever. However, you are welcome to just use the palette below and build up without a base.

Online for $4.79 at Ulta and it is perfect to build on top of your base colors.

Roll on shimmers are where you get customization because if you don’t like the shimmer that Ke$ha has on her face, you can definitely make it your own by putting your own color, plus you can use this on your eyes, face, and lips. $3.59 ONLINE at Ulta.

You can definitely choose any nude lipstick that you might have. I found this picture online and what I was looking for was Nude Attitude, so you can see that these are all great. Prices vary.


For hair, I just recommend getting a teasing comb, which you can find anywhere. I would tease the roots on your head and make sure that you haven’t washed your hair in a day. I know that this makes Ke$ha sound gross, but it will work out, especially if you just want to be lazy for a few days with your hair. If you really want, get a dry shampoo and clean your hair before doing anything with your hair.


When I think of Ke$ha, I think of a leather jacket. At the moment this is $41.80 from Forever 21 and it is called the Moto Jacket. I know that this is expensive and leather jackets are not cheap. However, if you have time to go to a thrift store, you can get one at an affordable price and it could be work with age which matches Ke$ha’s style.

Essential fall leather shorts from Forever 21 for $18.80. Again, if you go to a thrift store, it will work out.

For a top, you can definitely look anywhere in closet if you have any graphic shirts or tanks. For shoes, I would stick with combat boots but if you can’t afford them (I certainly can’t) I would definitely look for investing in a good pair of ankle boots, especially because they are perfect for fall.

Hope that this helps!

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