All You Need: Blush

Blush is some of my favorite things to use on my face. However, because I have acne on my cheek area, I am trying my best not to put blush on right now. I still love blush though, so I will be sharing my favorites and others that are a good for your money.


N.Y.C. Cheek Glow: $3

I am just saying three dollars because it is a little more or less. I really love the color of the blushes because they are neutral based with a little color. If you have light skin, this will add color without overdoing it. This is also a great blush that you can build up. The packaging is nice but the formula can be a bit powdery when you are picking up the product. If you wanted to do a look with these blushes, it is great for a dramatic eye and neutral blush.


Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush: $5-7

I am not sure on the exact price of this but it should be in that range. I love that this blush is really soft and pigmented. However, you should be light handed with this blush as it has a lot of pigmentation. I like to wear this when I want a little more color to amp up a look.



Love & Beauty Blush: $2.80

Definitely affordable and a pretty blush that has both a blush and highlight color. Definitely a blush you can build up and has actual color that shows up on the face, rather than the neutral N.Y.C. blushes. I don’t see much use of the highlight color because it doesn’t really show up on my face. Other than that, it works amazingly well, and I will say that they have blushes with just a single color now.

What do you think?

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