How to Shop: Forever 21 Clearance Part 1

I love clearance, it is one of the great things about Forever 21. Rarely have I found clothing that I would want to spend full price. I buy from clearance and it is always something that has worked out. I would definitely check about holes or mess ups to make sure that you are not getting a defected item. Forever 21 has a policy of no returns or store credit on final sale items, which is what clearance are. Also, unless you have a clearance item that you can wait on, definitely go for their Buy One Get One Free deal.

A Little Story…

Okay, so I may have had a bad-ish experience that turned out good in the end. Ever since a Forever 21 near me renovated and became new and nice, it has been great. What I really didn’t like was that girls’ clearance and junior clearance were together. I am not a person who looks too closely at the section that the clothes are from in Forever 21 is in  because there has never been a girls’ section. I know that it is my fault but if you had this experience, and you are so used to things not having a children’s section, wouldn’t you kind of forget to look?

Anyway, I tried the skirt on and it was XL, it didn’t occur to me that it was wrong. I thought it was just a misread label or I had apparently gotten two/three sizes too large. Anyway, I went to put the skirt back even though I am in love with it. My mom noticed that one of the skirts looked like it was made bigger than the one I had tried. I bought it, trusting my mother, and it turns out it works out.

So if you go shopping at a Forever 21 that is new, you will definitely have to check and make sure that the price is right and the section of the store is correct since they will put them all together.

What do you think?

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