Shopping Monologue: New Forever 21

So, there is a new Forever 21 that has relocated from a smaller location in the same mall where I am somewhat close to. I went there and I have to say that the openness is pretty great since the smaller venue didn’t cut it. Isn’t that the most greatest news? Unfortunately I find that it is a bit of a downer because even though there is a lingerie, men, and (coming soon) plus size section…I am not really loving it. Accessories are not up to par as they once were a few years back when I wouldn’t leave the store without an accessory and the clearance, which I love, will have to wait. I know that clearance will not be around for another few months due to the amount of new clothing that they have but it is still unfortunate.

I do love, however, the shoes that they have, a much wider selection and fits almost anyone looking for a flat to a heel. Hats are scattered about throughout the store so if you find it, chances are that you will find another. A small children section is nice and doesn’t show off any bits that a child should not be showing. I find that Forever 21 is a pretty great model to look up to because they are not overtly sexy or show drastic amounts of skin most of the time.

I must say that this new Forever 21 is pretty great with keeping their store clean and the people are nicer than I remember them to be from the smaller location.


NOTE: This is a new segment in which I will talk about my thoughts on trips to stores and what I don’t like about them or how my experience was and what it has to offer. This is much like my own thoughts and how I express my shopping experiences.

What do you think?

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