How To Shop: Forever 21

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here, and this is an amazing store, if you can find the right things. Now, you may be thinking, what do you mean “How to Shop?” well, that is because either people miss the deals or just overlook places like Forever 21 because of how many people crowd the place. Now, moving on… Forever 21 is in high comparison with H & M. When I first went into Forever 21, I was absolutely overwhelmed with how much it had inside the store, however, that depends. For me, Forever 21 is the most fashion forward for a girl on a budget to shop for and get the basics as well as add pops of the most recent trends in their wardrobe.

Now, Forever 21 has a variety of many women’s fashion in their collection of items in their store. I will be basing my knowledge on the ones I have been to so if I am missing something or saying something that doesn’t seem right, it is because all Forever 21’s vary when it comes to how big the store is generally. So, for clothing, it all depends on how durable the material is, there is the belief that Forever 21 doesn’t last for a long time and that can be true if you don’t take care of it. So far, I have had my Forever 21 clothing for a few years and it has been good. However, I am not a huge clothing buyer at Forever 21, but my sister is and she would definitely say the same.

Jewelry is the most amazing stuff and I find that it has to be the certain few that will be good. Certain pieces of jewelry are absolutely a steal and a great find. Don’t head for the jewelry that is over $6.80 unless you will wear it almost every day to every week generally. I find that spending a lot of money on jewelry at Forever 21 is not worth it. I only spent $10.80 on fancy feather earrings which I love and it is so much fun to wear when I want to feel fancy. Other than that, just look at the jewelry carefully and check if the jewelry looks cheap because, no offense, but there are pieces that are not good at all.

Shoes are not something that I find is something that I don’t gravitate to because the shoes are either not my style or just cheap looking and it isn’t to say that you won’t find a good pair of shoes from there but I just haven’t thought that the shoes were good for me or that they were priced fairly. Makeup is a good find when it comes to saving on a budget and I love a blush that I purchased from them.

Also, before I go, when going into the store, it is so hectic that you want to pull out your hair…or is that just me? There will generally, probably, be clothing and jewelry on the floor and that is a part of shopping here because Forever 21 may be nice and clean at first but once weekend traffic hits, it is kind of shot. You will have to dodge a lot of people and make sure that you keep all belongings with you, not to say that anything will get stolen but it is easy to misplace things.

Last piece of advice, look for the deals such as: 50% off of clearance, Buy One Get One Free Clearance, etc.

Clearance is your best friend.

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