Makeup is What We Make It

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here. Now, I know that this kind of blog post is odd but this is important because I find that people are making makeup to be thief magical thing that makes women beautiful and that is kind of a weird statement. Makeup can make you feel beautiful but not look more beautiful. Most women nowadays will go out wearing makeup just to the gas station or wear it around the house just because they don’t want to be seen without their face on.

No matter what anyone else says or how much makeup you put on, know that you are beautiful and that this is not something that changes with makeup or surgery or whatever you do to make yourself “more beautiful”. In all honesty, I love makeup but I do not wear it everyday, I did have a kick of wearing makeup everyday when I first started getting the hang of it. Now I just don’t see the reason to make myself with makeup unless I feel that I want to. I feel most at ease when I don’t have makeup on and I think that young girls need to know that makeup is not everything that will make them beautiful, it is how they carry themselves. That statement includes all females really.

Makeup has gotten out of hang because surgery can make you look like you are ready to go with all the new advances in this world, it is hard to see natural beauty, true natural beauty, literally no makeup, powder, concealer, etc. Makeup is fun, it isn’t a mechanism to make people see a false you.

“God hath given you one face, and you make yourselves another.” (Hamlet, 3.1.131)

What do you think?

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