Review: CoverGirl Eyeliner in Smoke 605

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here, and if you are looking for the most subtle type of pop to your normal every day makeup, then this is your eyeliner. I thought that this eyeliner would be the light blue that the container it is. However, when you apply it, the color is one of the most lovely blues. It is lighter than a midnight blue and darker than a generic shade of blue. I honestly love using it when I want a pop of color. I also love the felt tip pen that it comes with because it is so easy to use and the hilt of the felt is amazing to use. Pigmentation is great and if you want to blend it out, you will need to do it relatively quickly, but it looks amazing. I cannot say how much I would actually pay full price for this product.

Positive: Works so great and is great for a pop of color.

Negative: Nothing.

What do you think?

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