Review: Ruby Kisses in Steel Magnolia

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here, and the picture above does not do this polish justice! I absolutely love dark gray’s that have beautiful sparkle in them. I bought this because of the country band Steel Magnolia and even though they are not my favorite, I really had a country music kick so this was something I had to get, not to mention it was $1.00. This polish is subtle when it comes to showing off its different colors, so if you like generally one color polish, this is just a little sparkle. The way it applies is lovely and you can just go with one coat. I find that this polish lasts on the nails for a good while. I don’t know exactly where to buy this polish because I found it at a local place. Anyway, if you want a vampy look or are going for the spring trend of ombre, you can definitely use this and have another color be the “pop”.

Positive: Great polish

Negative: Nothing.

What do you think?

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