Review: Wet n Wild in Jezebel

NOTE: Sorry for not posting Friday, my darling betta fish Ivy passed away and I just didn’t have the energy or feel to post up a post for you! Sorry!

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here, and I will say that right now, I am wearing this polish, and it is lovely. At first, I didn’t like the color on my nails because it looked so plain. What had attracted me to this nail polish was the flecks of red in it. I now see that there are flecks of red and pink. I am not a big fan of pink being in red polish, I don’t know why. Mostly there is a red sheen underneath so it is all good. I find that this polish needs two coats or one thick coat to cover the nail and make sure there is no see-through. The polish, in general, stays on really well. For $0.99 it is a good polish for a more darker red and if you don’t want to have “vixen” nail polish, this is a good alternative. What I really like the most is that this red allows designs on the polish to show up which I always love.

Nail Designs here:

Tutorials of Nail Designs here:

Positive: Good polish

Negative: Not my favorite, but that is a personal negative.

What do you think?

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