Review: Wet n Wild in Lavender Pearlscent

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here, and I remember that when I was young that my mother would wear a similar color on her nails. I used to think that it was a color that people my mother’s age would wear but I bought this polish last year and just tried it recently. I personally love the shine that this polish gives off. I am still not its biggest fan but I appreciate the different aspects that this color gives off. I find that this color is sophisticated if you would like to try something that is not red. If you have bumpy nail beds, this polish will only emphasis on those parts. I find that the consistency is really good because some of the other polishes I have tried from Wet n Wild can be a bit of trouble when applying. Overall, I have nothing to complain about, but if you see it and you are not a fan, I will say that you might not want to try it anyway because this is a color that you either think is really pretty or just a color that you would hate on your nails.

Positive: I really think that this is a pretty color.

Negative: nothing.

Disclaimer: I do not own the photo.

What do you think?

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