Chapstick Trials, What is Right for You?

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here, and I would like to put out a disclaimer before I begin to write about chapstick: I have tried them and they didn’t work for me or they weren’t what I was looking for but that doesn’t mean that they won’t look for you. Remember that preference is important to what you want in chapstick.

It’s winter and we all know that chapstick is a definite staple to any and all purses, wallets, pockets, etc. I would like to share my experience with these brands and how you can find the right one for you.

So, I have tried: Burt’s Bee’s, Soft Lips, Blistex, Nivea, and eos

Burt’s Bees: A great product by far. I love the smell and flavors that they come in. For me, when I first tried it, I had an aversion because that was the first chapstick I had tried. My lips were always chapped and bleeding a lot because I pulled at the skin (do not do that no matter how tempted you are!)

-The peppermint burned my lips but when I gave it another chance with the pomegranate it smelled and worked amazingly well. I recommend getting a chapstick, if your lips are super chapped, to get a chapstick that doesn’t have a mint flavor for now. Runs for $2.99 and up.

Soft Lips: Soft Lips is one of those brands that you have heard of or don’t know anything about. I personally found out from juicystar07 or Blair on youtube. I found a two for $1.00 at Big Lots and decided to try them. I am sure I have a blog post about them somewhere which I will link here: LINK The pink one (sorry for not remembering the names!) was really nice and the color it put on the lips was flattering. I will say that if you have smaller lips, this will work out great for you because the tubes of chapstick are thin. The vanilla smelled one is not something I would buy off the bat but it worked. I really don’t like vanilla but I tolerated it and you don’t really recognize the smell of it after putting it on so much. Soft Lips works well and I am pretty sure that they come in more flavors. Runs for $2.96 and up (combo packs may be cheaper or a little more)


Blistex: Blistex has been a major part of one of the years that I began trying chapstick out. I started trying chapstick about two to three years ago. I wanted something different because the smell of pomegranate got tiring to me and since my lips weren’t healed all the way, I didn’t want to get a chapstick that was super minty. I have always seen blistex and they were having a buy one get two free at Walgreens, if I am not mistaken. I bought two original and one mint. I like the original; it has the kick of mint without burning your lips at all. My lips were relatively good and when I tried the mint, it was great. Blistex is one of those that work well but they don’t have a large variety of smells. Runs for $0.99 and up.


Nivea: I found out about Nivea from Wendy Williams. I have known about their body products but not their lip products and when Wendy would talk about it, I was thinking that I should try it. I bought two regular and one infused with CO Q10. The smell of the regular ones is alright, I am not a big fan since it just smells like factory or nothing really. I don’t like that it doesn’t have “personality”. The CO Q10 is a hit or miss, I think, you will either like the smell or not. CO Q10 Nivea is my favorite of the Nivea I have tried which is only two but I am not into honey or the other ones but if I try it, you will see a blog post. Runs for 2.50 and up.

eos: I absolutely love eos products. I also found this line from juicystar07. I love the smell of Lemon Drop, which is the first one I bought. I think that the shape of the eos is cute and inventive and applying it is easy. I have not reached the absolute bottom but it has reached the point where it is flat and not round. I own all the flavors and I think that my favorite is still Lemon Drop but I may grow to like the others as well. To me, the eos is hard to keep with you if you are just going on a quick run out and only carry a wallet. The inconvenience kind of hits there but I think that on their website, they have skinny tubes. Currently this is my favorite brand of chapstick! Runs for $2.96 and up

I hope that this has helped you guys in thinking of what brand to get and if you have any to suggest that would be great too! Thanks!

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