Review: L.A. Colors 6 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Precious BEP411

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here, and if you are looking for a good eyeshadow palette for everyday that you can use, I suggest this one. I used this pretty much every day in the fall/winter months, and it has absolutely been my go-to palette. These are amazing qualities and I think that they could be comaparable to high end shadows. Chalkiness is little to none and the fall out is a little bit but I would recommend putting a translucent shadow or tape to prevent it from sticking. I love this palette and am on the look out for more of these palettes to see if they are as good as this one. I highly recommend this line of L.A. Colors.

To break down the shadows, the white shadow in the top left corner is great for a highlight color. The top middle shade is a brown for the lid but if you think that is too dark, I have mixed the highlight and brown together to make a lighter shade. The top right hand corner is a darker brown-plum which I didn’t notice until I really looked at it. The dark brown-plum is a pretty outer corner or crease color. The bottom left hand is a yellow that I use for a more colorful look. I use that to brighten my eyes sometimes. The orange is a really pretty outer v color and a great brightener to mix the brown together. The plummy shadw is really pretty on the last half of the lid.

Positive: Really great and worth $1.00!!!

Negative: Nothing.

WTB: Dollar Tree, Dollar General

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