Review: Freeman Facial Clay Mask in Mint & Lemon

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here, and this mask literally makes me feel so much better! This mask has a cream consistency and applies thick unless you make a thin coat on your face. I recommend putting an opaque amount on your face and letting it dry. The mask dries and your face is numb. You can barely move, and if you need to put on chapstick apply before hand or just after you put it on. This mask is time consuming, especially if you wear glasses, and can’t see. However, if you need time to kill, read a book or catch up on some interweb news. Anyway, this mask will need to be washed off for a good minute or two to get it all off. I find that the face is a bit red if you have acne and will bring out those areas but it really helps with complexion and it says on the bottle that it helps with pores and t-zone oiliness. I truly believe that it does. This mask adds firmness and keeps it for a day or two. I recommend using this twice a week as this mask can be drying to the face if used too often.

Positive: Works as it says it will.

Negative: Nothing really as long as you use properly.

WTB: Ulta

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