Review: Jordana Glitter Rock Retractable Eyeliner Pencil in 06 Glam Rock Green

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here, and this is the most used eyeliner, for me, of the winter/Christmas months. I love colored eyeliner and it is kind of something that I wear with a colorful look normally but I add color to my neutral looks to make them pop. I love green and how it makes my eyes more intense ( I have brown eyes). This eyeliner, at first glance, when you open it is pointed but easily becomes rounded at the first use. The eyeliner is so soft and is easy to blend and put on. If you are worried and are going to reject this because it will stay rounded, I will tell you now that it still makes an amazing wing. The retractable tube is good, I like that you will get more product in the end and it doesn’t fall back into the tube if you press too hard. I hold the retractable part and it doesn’t budge like some. I recommend getting all of these, I believe that they run around $2-3. There are various shades and if you don’t want to go crazy with color you can go for the neutral ones, which they have about four of. Now, for the cons of this eyeliner is that there is glitter that is in the eyeliner. I love the glitter look and am glad when it is on and makes my eyes spark but I recommend not putting it too close to the lash line, both upper and lower. Keep away from the lash lines because you can feel it if you get the glitter in your eye.

Positive: Great eyeliner!

Negative: You could get glitter in your eye if it is too close.

WTB: Walgreens and K-Mart

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