Review: Love & Beauty blush and highlighter in 02 Peach

This is my first blush that I have ever gotten and I was so excited. Even though this is only $2.80 and Forever 21 makeup products are overlooked, they are amazing quality aside from how some people mess up the product by dropping it and swatching it. I really like this peach because it is one that many can wear and the highlighter is an added bonus. When I see the highlighter, it looks white but it has a bit of shimmer and pink flecks that are barely noticeable (the pink flecks). I don’t mind that as much as the fact that it isn’t the best highlighter. I like a lot of other Love & Beauty products but the highlighter on this wasn’t that great at all. For it to show, you have to have a good amount on your brush or however you put it on. I personally just like using the blush rather than the highlighter.

I do like this brush because both are pigmented when applied since you have to have a bit of a heavy hand when it comes to this blush. I like that I can “pack” on the blush and it still looks normal. I will also say that the blush is not very well compacted and there will be fallout in the container so it can get messy, I would suggest keeping the blush on a tissue to catch any that will come out of the container.

Positive: Love the color.

Negative: Highlight isn’t my favorite.

WTB; Forever 21

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