What Do They Mean to You?

Okay, so everyone should know I am obsessed with nail polish, so much that it is sad. I love painting my nails and making them different with designs which you can see in links at the bottom of this post. Now, this is my post about what nail colors mean to me and how they make me feel.


Red to me makes me feel not only classy but sexy in a way because red can add much confidence to me. I really like how red looks on my nails alone. Actually, now that I think about it, this is the only nail color aside from black that could be blank and I could wear it for weeks on end. Red also makes me feel empowered and strong in a way that I am normally not so.


Orange to me is a very fun and summer color. I really like that this orange is what I envision it to be, if you look on google, you will see that most orange nail polishes are lighter than the picture above. I think that orange makes me feel fun and outgoing even though I am not normally. I really like that it makes me feel a little better when I am having a crappy day so it is nice to have a happy booster when feeling down.


Seriously, I love yellow on my nails, at least that is what my nail polish bottles tell me. I have used a yellow nail polish, specifically Sinful Colors in Unicorn, and it is almost halfway done compared to others that I have had longer than that. Yellow makes me feel at ease with life and makes me feel like the sun is out when it is not. Just a happy-go-lucky color.


I don’t really think that green makes me feel envious at all if you think so, that’s cool :]. I personally think that green is so pretty on my skin tone. I have light skin but it has yellow undertones and the green just makes it even a little in my eyes. I think that green is a spring color and feels very fresh and new to the eye and day.


Blue is a beautiful color I suppose, honestly, blue is my least favorite color of all colors. There are exceptions to this color and if you are wondering, I don’t really like these colors on the picture. Anyway, blue reminds me of the ocean which I really like since I don’t live right by the ocean. Blue is just a meh color for me.


Purple makes me feel like going out to a party and dance til I drop dead. I really love how purple can be different since darker purples make me feel that but lighter purples make me feel innocent if that makes sense or clean. I just really think that purple is a great color that is versatile on everyone.


Browns in any shade make  me feel warm and down to earth. I feel that brown is a much better neutral than a french manicure color which is a really light brown pink mix that most cannot see. Earth and trees are what come to mind with brown and that is what makes me feel like I am grounded at times when I feel like everything is going wrong.


Grey to me is a sad and down color at times but I personally don’t own a true gray, more like silver gray’s which are pretty but I think that the actual color grey is very down and makes the sky gloomier should it be a cloudy day. I am changing up the word gray because I don’t know which people prefer to spell it so I just used both.


White is a very clean cut color for me and can make any nails look more classier and clean than they already are with other colors. Personally, I don’t really care for white alone and it makes me feel like it is too white for itself and I always want to add something to it. White is just too clean for me ><.


Black is the color that started it all for me because I was going through a goth/emo phase and wanted black nail polish. Of course, being Asian, they don’t like black, but I had almost everything in black. I love the way black nail polish looks and it makes me feel reminiscent of those days when I was naive and now that I know more I wish I had gotten into nail polish earlier and not when I was going through a phase. Black is very clean and you can add any color and it still looks chic and clean cut.


Pink is my favorite color in everything else but not in nail polish. I like it sometimes but it isn’t my go-to color when it comes to nail polish. I will choose another color over this one almost every time. I just am not a huge fan of pink in the way that I don’t really like it on my nails unless they are short. Occasionally I wear pink but not often.

Disclaimer: I do not own any pictures.

NAIL DESIGNS: http://kittyfairydust.deviantart.com

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