Review: Sinful Colors in Let Me Go

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here, and I would like to say that this nail polish kind of deceived me because I thought this was opaque and it looks really pretty in the picture. Before I get into the bad, I will talk about the good because the negative comments shouldn’t sway you in the opposite direction if you like the positive. So, this polish is pretty color wise. There is purple, light blue, and on the nails has pink, mind you that none of the colors overpower one another. The application of this polish is sheer and you will need to add more coats but if you don’t want such a sheer polish I would suggest otherwise. Now, unfortunately this is a sheer color and I honestly don’t know why they would make a color like this if only to make it sheer. I have tried to layer it on silver and yellow and other nail polishes but it doesn’t change the color of the polishes that underlie this one. I am actually wearing this polish on my nails alone with a design on it to give you guys a good review and I suppose this is a good winter polish if you want something bright but not obnoxious. I personally don’t really like this polish and will use it so that I can get rid of it but I don’t think that I will be repurchasing.

Positive: Pretty iridescent colors.

Negative: Sheer and I am not a huge fan of blue.

WTB: Walgreens.

One thought on “Review: Sinful Colors in Let Me Go

  1. I have a similar SC color but it sounds like mine is a little more lavender and less multi than this one. It, too, is like SUPER sheer and is almost impossible to build up. I tried it over a dark purple, and it looked really cute but way too frosty for my liking. I think it’s crazy that this polish doesn’t even really cover up the polish underneath it when you layer. I almost want to get it just so I can see that! haha It’s too bad they do some ridiculously sheer colors like this because in general SC polishes are decent, usually a LITTLE sheer but always buildable.


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