Shopping for the Holidays!!

I know your shopping! Don’t lie to me! Just kidding. I know that this holiday season is hectic and you can’t find a parking spot for the life of you but I just wanted to let you guys go off to speed shop these next few days with some tips!

1. Make sure that your keys are with you at all times. You don’t want to get caught by someone trying to steal your presents! You also don’t want to get hurt! Use those keys to defend yourself because there are those crazies out there.

2. Walk to your car…FAST. There has to have been that time where some car was following you to see if you are leaving. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to have to wait five minutes for a person to walk super slowly to their car. Be considerate and walk to your car fast or tell them that you aren’t leaving or something that will let them know that you have made your decision.

3. See only a few of them left. Grab it! Don’t walk away saying you will come back because literally, true story, me and my sister and mom saw one more queen bed sheet set left and some ladies (they weren’t mean or trying to make anyone mad) were looking at them too, grabbed the queen sheet and we didn’t have it! But that leads me to point 4.

4. Go ask customer service. Bets are that they will have it. Now if it is new or popular, maybe not, but if it is something that they have a lot of in other items they are sure to have it. We ended up asking and getting the sheets, there were 21 in the stock room!

5. Have fun. Shopping should always be fun holiday or not! So just have fun with shopping and think about others and yourself too!

What do you think?

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