Herbal Essence Set Me Up Spray

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here, sorry for the large image, but you will be able to see this much more clearly than a really small image. Anyway, this is a really good hair spray like product. I will say now that this can act as one and if you spray enough will make your hair crunchy like hair spray does. I spray it so that my bangs stay in place on the side of my head and move my head in a semi circle way so that the hair doesn’t stick to conform together. I find that it makes it more natural than having it stick together. It is easy to wash out and a really great product!

Positive: Works well.

Negative: Can get sticky on surfaces if you apply a lot everywhere.

WTB: Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, Target, Rite-Aid

Disclaimer: I do not own the picture.

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