Review: Love & Beauty Lipstick in Red


Hello Shopahaulics, Tiffany here, and I would like to say that if you are not comfortable with red, don’t jump in. I did and it scared the bejezzus out of me. I am not used to red lipstick…and I saw my best friend, she must have thought I was a crazy lady or something, I am sure. I give fair warning because red lipstick just scares me but I am going to work a way to get this right. Anyway, this lipstick is so smooth! I mean really smooth and it is really good formulation. There is a smell that is weird to me but it isn’t disgusting or turns me off. I think that the smell grows on you. You don’t need a lot of this red, so a brush applicator would be really good if you want to subtlify it. I think that Love & Beauty does really well with their products. I personally don’t own a lot of their products but it would be nice since this lipstick makes me want to get the other colors. There are two or three other colors, a light pink, hot pink, and I am not sure about the other color. This is $2.80 if I am not mistaken and is really great if you are starting out a makeup collection.

Positive: Great lipstick.

Negative: I am scared of it lol.

WTB: Forever 21

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