Review: Max Factor Eyeshadow in Silver Energy

Hello Shopahaulics, Tiffany here, and I know that this color is not really seen. I am sure that if you look it up on google there will be a better picture, I am just sad that I didn’t give it justice in the picture. This is my favorite eye highlight color and it is shimmery which is really nice. At night this color shows up really well and makes the eyes look brighter which is great. Unfortunately, when my mother gave it to me it was partly broken and I dropped it and a quarter of it is chunky and messed up. This shadow is really pigmented so you can just use a tiny bit, but I like to make things pop so this is a great and awesome choice.

Positive: Works really well as a highlight.

Negative: Breaks easily.

WTB: ?

What do you think?

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