Review: Sinful Colors in Call You Later

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Okay, so I bought thsi because I was on my green kick and really wanted many things green. I honestly really love this but it is literally glitter. I don’t mean that I didn’t think it would cover my fingers in green glitter I just thought it would be a green based nail polish greenbut the green comes from the glitter which is fine. I really do like how well it goes on and that it doesn’t chip very easily if applied well. I am not sure if I will repurchase it but it is a good color for those who want a full green glitter color and want it to be bright and happy which this really does make me happy and it brightens my outfits and days. I have only worn this as a gradient but it has done me well.

I suggest this to anyone who wants it for Mardi Gras, New Years, or just for fun. Good party favor color or nail party.

Positive: love the color

Negative: I am not a fan of glitter because it is hard to take off if done the wrong way.

WTB: Walgreens


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