Project 5X…FAIL

This is a project I heard from amarixe on youtube and decided to start this a few months ago. I have a lot of nail polishes and thought that I needed to clean them out by NOT buying any more at the moment, if you know me well, I LOVE nail polishes. This has been really hard so far since I have been working real hard to NOT buy anymore nail polish until I have given up 5.

1. L.A. Colors Electric Charge





So, you can use this project to clean up whatever it may be like makeup, nail polish, clothes, anything.

As I progress to get rid of one, I will continue to do so and post up which ones I am getting rid of. I will take a group shot of the nail polishes I have finished when this is done and over with and then probably go on a splurge with nail polish, but let’s hope this freeze on nail polish will make me think twice.


Now, that this is a fail I think that I will have to restart this whole thing >< Maybe make a bigger number so I am more involved haha.

What do you think?

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